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  • Dealing with Adolescent Health At Oak Brook Urgent Care

    Posted on November 30, 2011 by in Immediate Care

    One of the worst feelings as a parent is to find out that your child has been hurt in an accident, be it from sports, a fall from a bicycle, or just playing a little too rough with friends. Assuming that the injury is non-life-threatening and you are in the Oak Brook, a first instinct should be to take the injured child to Oak Brook Urgent Care. Your child will be seen quickly and it will not leave to bad of a dent in your check book, particularly if you have a high insurance deductible or if you are without insurance. Price comparison studies have shown that urgent care centers, like Oak Brook Urgent Care, are much less expensive than a visit to the emergency room, while still providing the same level of care, which is delivered by medical doctors and medical professionals. However, for life threatening emergencies, a hospital emergency department should be chosen. But, one of the benefits of Oak Brook Urgent Care is that it is a part of the DuPage Medical Plaza.

    Adolescent health is one of the special interest of the DuPage Medical Plaza. However, this field is very expansive, from accidents and injuries to mental health issues. Sometimes injuries and mental health issues can coincide in a youth, since some adolescents may turn to hurting themselves to give them physical pain to focus on that takes away from some sort of mental anguish they may be facing. Oftentimes, youths will not come right out and say what is bothering them. Generally, this is attributed to teenage angst, but a parent must be willing to talk to his or her child, in order to find out whether the son or daughter is just going through a rough spot or if the child is facing a real mental disorder.

    If a parent is worried about the mental health of his or her child, then it may be time to seek professional counseling. Counselors are trained medical professionals that have experience getting adolescents to open up and share the problems they are facing and get to the root of determining whether the youth is going through a rough patch or has a diagnosable mental disorder. However, either way counseling can help a lot, and that applies to anyone, not just adolescents. Furthermore, if someone is diagnosed with a mental disorder, it does not mean that there is something wrong with them. Researchers now believe that some people simply have imbalances of chemicals in their brains and the simple addition of medication can make a huge difference in one’s behavior.

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