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    Posted on November 30, 2011 by in Immediate Care

    The physicians here at Oak Brook Immediate care are truly top notch. They are all board certified and available around the clock. Just call (630) 953-4500 to schedule an appointment, or simply walk in. The physicians at Oak Brook Immediate Care value their patients lives and time above all else. They will treat you effectively and make sure their diagnosis is spot on. You can expect to wait no more than twenty minutes to see a doctor here. They will run as many tests as they need to and will make the most of your time here. The physicians can treat any problems you may have that your normal doctor could treat as well as some minor emergency room situations. There are also a full time dentist and physical therapist in this location. The prices at Oak Brook Immediate Care are extremely affordable and work with any budget. You can expect to be treated quickly and accurately here. Patients who come here once almost always return the next time they need a physician. You can save time and money by coming to Oak Brook Immediate Care first. You can be assured that your treatment will always be precise and given in a timely manner.

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