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    Posted on November 30, 2011 by in Immediate Care

    The fact that you don’t have much expendable income right now should not affect your ability to get the health care that you need if you’re sick or if you’ve experienced a minor injury. This is especially true if the health care that you require is actually for your children. So, you should make sure that you perform some research into what Oak Brook immediate care has to offer. By going to their website, you’ll learn that this clinic actually offers a variety of payment methods that are sure to meet your needs.
    You absolutely do not need to have any particular insurance plan in order to be seen by a doctor at one of these clinics. This is beneficial in particular if you don’t have any insurance at all. Many people these days are without insurance, especially as a result of the economic recession. Perhaps you used to have insurance that was paid for by your employer, but you just recently lost your job and the health benefits that you used to receive.
    Just tell the receptionist at the Oak Brook immediate care clinic that you do not have any health insurance if this is, in fact, the case. They will still definitely be willing to work with you in an understanding manner. First of all, you shouldn’t be stressed out about the cost of your medical bills, and they will probably tell you the same thing. You just need to concentrate on taking care of the fact that you aren’t feeling your best, and then worry about the cost at a later date.
    Luckily, the staff at the Oak Brook immediate care clinic will be willing to devise a payment plan that will be relatively easy for you to pay off in a short amount of time. Are you worried about whether or not you are going to pay it off all at once? Don’t worry! You can just make a payment plan that involves a small payment each month over an extended period of time.
    Some people who do not have any health insurance coverage mistakenly assume that it would be a good idea to just go to the emergency room whenever they have a health problem because at least a doctor will see them. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. Although a doctor will see you at the hospital, you also will be plagued with very high medical bills for quite some time that could potentially even ruin your credit score.

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