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  • Oak Brook Primary Care– An Example of Breakthrough Medical Technology

    Posted on November 30, 2011 by in Immediate Care

    It is inevitable in the healthcare industry to recognize what a change technology has made. Many clinics in the late nineteenth century had twelve beds and were as advanced as the steel medical tools they were using. In today’s society we have clinics you can walk into at virtually any time of day and receive care. In the Chicago land area, Oak Brook Primary Care is one of them. It was nearly unheard of a decade ago for private clinics in strip malls and retail-based storefronts to have CAT scans and X-ray machines, but now we have them. The ability to get hands-on care and top-of-the-line technology at an affordable rate has now become a reality.

    Although immediate care clinics such as Oak Brook Primary Care have become staples in our society, they can’t diagnose and treat every illness. Often times these clinics are generalized in their care and don’t have broad specialized ability to treat and cure things like heart attacks. We should recognize the breakthrough in technology that have enabled us to treat these life-threatening epidemics in hospitals, and the staff that treats them.

    Heart attacks are still one of the most frequent causes of death in the United States. This can result from a variety of bad habits or it could come from family genetics. Either way, heart disease and heart attack treatments have come a long way from 1970. According to an article on the Kaiser Family Foundation website, between the years of 1970-2000 heart attack fatalities fell by nearly a half. We can thank technology for the increase in beta-blockers, early detection, and advanced pharmaceuticals. Another breakthrough in medical technology is the birth of premature babies. In 1950, little was to be done about a baby being born early. In 2010, if a woman delivers a baby three months early, we have special ventilators and machines that can enable the baby’s lungs to function. By increasing other vital capabilities, modern healthcare is now able to say they have decreased mortality rates of premature babies down to one-third.

    Overall, to conclude the statement regarding healthcare, immediate care centers wouldn’t be possible without the breakthrough the healthcare system has been through. Currently we are able to treat and diagnose earlier, meaning longer life expectancy rates in the United States. The knowledge we have attained over the last few decades will enable us to have a longer and healthier society. There is still more to learn, attain, and practice. This is only the beginning.

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