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  • Oak Brook Primary Care Can Help Overweight Patients in the Struggle with Obesity

    Posted on November 30, 2011 by in Immediate Care

    The United States has one of the highest obesity rates in the world. With 34% of Americans struggling to keep their weight down and remain overall health, our country has been spending more on healthcare than ever. Oak Brook Primary Care is a place you can get healthcare at an affordable rate. Hospitals are now doused with debt that ends up trickling down to the consumer.

    Although Oak Brook Primary Care treats the otherwise healthy patients in society.. How many people are “otherwise healthy?” The lack of proper preventative care has caused obesity to skyrocket. Physicians typically don’t take the opportunity to educate their patients on the care they need other than prescriptions. It’s important that people who are obese not only get the treatment for whatever ailment they are facing but also that they get an exercise program recommended. The physicians could also ensure they are eating property and perhaps even mention a nutrition specialist. If preventative healthcare is not used than one of the biggest epidemics will further increase, heart attacks.

    Why don’t Americans eat healthier? Why in the last few decades have the percentage of obesity skyrocketed? There are many reasons why obesity has gotten out of hand. Most people feel too busy to go home and cook. Many people have little time and are on the go more often than not. Fast food is certainly unhealthy and it is only recommended that you eat there maybe once a month. It is highly advertised, and many people can get addicted to the MSG that fast food contains. Just in the last few years, fast food places have started to offer healthy alternatives. Many Americans, although knowledgeable about their healthy, often times do not take the healthy alternative offered. Physical fitness is no longer a large trend in society, very few people don’t get 30 minutes of rigorous exercise everyday, as recommended.

    Many Americans are aware of the problem with obesity. It has inspired shows like “The Biggest Loser”, and many others weight-loss television shows. Doctors can help in the obesity epidemic by offering options to overweight patients that could help them in weight-loss. Achieving a healthy BMI can be done with exercise and healthy-eating habits. Even schools can reduce the obesity problem by not getting rid of their fitness classes. Many children and even adults need to be reminded that physical fitness is important in the long-term to keep a healthy heart, live longer, and generally enjoy life more.

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