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  • Oak Brook Primary Care Sustains Business through Rough Economic Times

    Posted on November 30, 2011 by in Immediate Care

    According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 9.6% of Americans are currently unemployed. For many people this means a lost of wage and decrease of living standards. Many people who have had insurance in the past may now began to realize the challenges they will begin to face without being insured. The uninsured and homeless always flocked to one place they knew they could receive healthcare – the emergency room. Oak Brook Primary Care is just the beginning of the start of a promising future for people uninsured, the 9.6% of Americans struggling to find healthcare at an affordable rate.

    Many Americans wonder why they should attend a clinic like Oak Brook Primary Care, and what their benefits are. The main reason why someone who is uninsured or has a very strict budget should use their services is because they are providing a service for a lesser cost. Healthcare has risen to astronomical prices over the years, leaving many average consumers without the ability to pay the resulting bills. What happens when your allergic reaction leaves you with a bill from the hospital that is over 300 dollars? What if you are elderly and you don’t have the means to pay for such high costs? These are all things the United States is trying to address in the healthcare reform.

    Many Americans question the reason they have to pay for healthcare at all. Many people attach a stigma to universal healthcare. Maybe people think public healthcare is too Socialist or “European”. People that oppose this could also take their own money into account. If everyone gets free public healthcare, how much are my taxes going to be? The money that I earn, and work hard to get is already being taxed, how much more money will I have left? I have jobs and insurance, why don’t these people? These are all questions some people think of public healthcare. Many people may spend their whole life not knowing what it is like to walk into an emergency room or clinic in this country and have the fear of being turned away for treatment. Some consumers may be unaware the people are getting turned down for treatment (previous policy-holders) that have cancer, and in turn leave a huge debt to their families.

    Overall, in this country, everyone needs healthcare. Nobody should be refused medical attention whether it is surgery, influenza, or cancer. Until we have public healthcare in this country, we can only help out the people who may be uninsured and unemployed. In the meantime, immediate care centers are a good alternative to paying three times the amount for the same healthcare you would be getting in a hospital.

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