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  • Oak Brook Walk-in Medical Clinic for the Elderly

    Posted on November 30, 2011 by in Immediate Care

    Elderly or sick and diseased people need to be cared for. Older folk who may need round the clock care should have caregivers like stay at home or live in nurses that are there when no one else is available for supervision. For the older individuals who live in Oak Brook walk-in medical clinic information is available.

    Old people, like babies and small children, need to be supervised with care. The older that the human body gets the weaker and more susceptible it becomes to the outside environmental conditions. Weather and climate conditions are examples of aspects that need to be carefully considered and controlled when possible in the presence of elderly people. Older people are not supposed to be exposed or left in extreme temperatures like heat. People can get what is known as heat fevers from being out in the direct sun or hot temperatures for too long. If an older person undergoes the extreme symptoms of heat exhaustion in Oak Brook walk-in medical clinic centers can help. The difference is not much between an older person and a middle aged person when it comes to reactions from extreme heat. The human body is susceptible just the same to certain conditions, but the difference with older people is that the effect takes quicker to take a hold. Whereas it may take hours or sometimes up to a full day of heat exposure for a middle aged person to catch what is known as heat fever, it can take as little as just a couple of hours for an older person. Sometimes the extreme heat can lead to fatalities if not taken care of immediately or properly. It is important that older people remain properly hydrated in times of need, especially in the summer months, when the heat is extreme and incessant. It can be increasingly dangerous when people lose power, either in the winter or summer. In the winter, losing power can be harmful because people are unable to keep warm and the cold air surrounding their homes can be hard to keep out. If people take cold showers when their power is out, they could suffer from hypothermia, which takes more lives every year. On the other side, when people lose power in the summer months, it is very hard for people to keep cool and hydrated. The heat, much like the cold, could prove deadly. For summer power outages during the day in Oak Brook walk-in medical clinic centers stress the importance of keeping as cool as possible. This means that people need to draw their curtains or shades, which will keep the sun out of the home, keep it darker, and therefore cooler. It is also a good idea for people to keep bags of ice in the refrigerator and freezer to keep the food as fresh as possible and keep it from going bad. In situations like this, the doctor cannot help, but these are steps that can and should be taken to make sure that the doctor does not need to be seen later.

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