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Oak Brook is located in a suburb of Chicago catering to over 22,000 households. Oak Park Primary Care is part of the downtown expansion adding to only two hospitals in the area. Immediate care centers can influence the community and have the ability to take the healthcare system by storm.

When is the last time you have been on the go and haven’t had time for a healthy meal instead opted out for a drive-thru? Drive-thrus lead to unhealthy eating habits and overall obesity in the United States. We have all been through a drive-thru, whether it be a guilty craving or a time crunch. Many Americans don’t associate this with obesity and overall bad health. As a consumer you may not realize the frequency of your visits or the consequences that may ensue in the long term. Diabetes could be a problem that you may face down the road, costing two or three times the amount of someone without the disease. This not only affects the consumer, but the overall healthcare system from an economic standpoint. Oak Park Primary Care can provide a progressive means to preventative healthcare by not only diagnosing and treating your immediate problem, but educating you right down to what your daily intake of salt SHOULD be. Many health care workers fail to see their patients as an opportunity to benefit the health care system, instead treating them and leaving them to the same unhealthy lifestyle.

To add to the problem, 443,000 people die prematurely from smoking each year. Smoking is the single most preventative cause of death yet millions still smoke each day. If your doctor could prescribe a medication that would make the withdrawal symptoms lessen would you quit? Many Americans should have access to preventative support from their physicians. Raising awareness and having the opportunity to change can stimulate actions from not only our health care systems but of patients and families.

Although many people are on the run, medical practitioners included, everyone can find time to sit down and make a healthy, well-balanced meal. The downside to getting instant gratification is the risk you may be taking with your health. The patients and clinicians should be working together as a community to insure longer life-spans. With the help of progressive clinics, it may be easier to make lifestyle changes when physicians are proactive in helping you, the patient.