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Urgent Care

Oak Brook urgent care is now available for those residing in and around the area through an ER, but for everything other medical matter, there is another option. DuPage Medical Plaza specializes in treating all nature of maladies and conditions ranging from mild to severe. When you need attention the most, we are dedicated to always provide you with the very best quality of healthcare services. Our entire staff of specially-trained professionals has made a commitment to ensure that patients and their families receive care and compassion as the highest priority. With our state-of-the-art facilities, globally-trained physicians, and a safe and secure environment, we guarantee you the very best experience possible. Whether you reside in the area or are merely visiting Oak Brook urgent care is available through and ER, but now for other matters, DuPage Medical Plaza is always as your disposal.

DuPage Medical Plaza has over ten years of professional practice experience and our convenient locations, at 18 W 511 Roosevelt Road in Lombard Illinois, makes getting to us a breeze. Our physicians focus on showing our patients first rate care in the areas of family medicine and child health high risk obstetrics, but have been offering care in various specialty areas including women’s health, dermatology, geriatrics, adolescent health, diabetes mellitus, hypertension, weight management, and preventative medicine as well.

We pride ourselves on having the very best staff around. Not only will they see to all of your needs and provide you with the very best of care, they will also treat you as if you are a family member. You will feel right at home in our care center, as our multi-lingual staff understands the differences with various cultures. When you are in need, there is no substitute for the very best medical services that can be provided. At DuPage Medical Plaza we offer the very latest cutting-edge medical tools and practices to assure that we are always aligned with our philosophy to treat not only the ailment or condition, but to see to the needs of a person as a whole.

As a board certified establishment through the American Academy of Family Practice, our professionals have studied at worked at some of the best institutions from around the world. In addition to our experience and background we also offer extended hours to patients to allow for optimum appointment times—however we always welcome walk-ins as well. Customized and personalized medical treatment is a premium that we offer as substantially lower costs when compared to other healthcare facilities. Regardless of your age and background, we have experience with patients as young as a few days old to the elderly and while in the area of Oak Brook urgent care you should consider visiting an ER, for every other medical matter a professional option is now available for everyone.